Combinatorial Screening of Polymer/Fullerene Blends for Solar Cells by Inkjet Printing


Inkjet printing is a highly material-efficient solution deposition technique that enables the preparation of thin-film libraries using little amounts of materials. As a reproducible and precise patterning technique inkjet printing can be integrated into a combinatorial screening workflow that allowed the systematic characterization of thin-film properties of newly developed materials as well as the methodical investigation of preparation parameter that influence the performance of the inkjet printed layers.

This contribution provides a demonstration of a combinatorial screening workflow that utilizes inkjet printing to evaluate structure-property relationships of polymer/fullerene blends for the application in organic photovoltaics. Using this approach it is shown that optimized blend compositions as well as printing conditions lead to improved performances of organic solar cell devices.

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The authors would like to thank Konarka for financial support and fruitful discussions.

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