Characterization of multimetallic nanomaterial obtained from cyanidation solutions


The cyanide is the main process for the extraction of gold from its ores. This process produces rich cyanide solutions containing gold and silver, and waste cyanide solutions with different metal compounds such as copper, zinc and iron. These elements or compounds can be extracted in the form of high-value compounds as nanoparticles. This work presents some result of the remove and recovery of metallic values from waste cyanide solutions to obtain novel metallic nanoparticles. These materials were obtaining by modified sol-gel method from an industrial cyanide waste solution previously treated by advanced oxidation. This work reports the characterization from the nanoparticles by DRX and SEM-EDX. The results indicate that multimetallic nanoparticles can be obtained from cyanidation effluents.

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The authors thank the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UTSA, especially Dr. M. Yacaman and Dr. J. Velazquez, for its help to the SEM. D. Puente grateful to CONACYT (Project. 61930) for the scholarship for thesis.

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