Structure and photocatalytic properties of Bi25FeO40 crystallites derived from the PEG assisted sol-gel methods


Sillenite Bi25FeO40 crystallites have been fabricated via a sol-gel approach. X-ray diffraction results show that single-phase Bi25FeO40 can be synthesized at the annealing temperature of 600 oC with the help of PEG additive. The amount of additives and the annealing temperature has great effects on the formation of phase pure Bi25FeO40 crystallites. The morphologies of Bi25FeO40 crystallites were observed by SEM techniques. UV-vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy indicated the good visible light absorption of Bi25FeO40 crystallites. The photo-catalytic activity of Bi25FeO40 powders was evaluated by the degradation of methyl orange solution assisted by H2O2 under UV-Vis light and Vis-only light irradiation, which suggested that Bi25FeO40 crystallites are potential photocatalytic materials.

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