Optoelectronic characterization of morphology-controlled zinc oxide nanowires


In this paper, we report the characterization of vertically aligned ZnO nanowire (NW) arrays synthesized by metal-catalyzed chemical vapor deposition. The growth mechanism of ZnO NWs may be related to vapor-solid-nucleation. Morphological, structural, optical and field emission characteristics can be modified by varying the growth time. For growth time reaches 120 min, the length and the diameter of ZnO NWs are 1.5 μm and 350 nm, and they also show preferential growth orientation along the c-axis. Moreover, strong alignment and uniform distribution of ZnO NWs can effectively enhance the antireflection to reach the average reflectance of 5.7% in the visible region as well. Field emission measurement indicated that the growth time play an important role in density- and morphology-controlled ZnO NWs, and thus ZnO NWs are expected to be used in versatile optoelectronic devices.

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