Electrostatic and Steric Effect of Peptides Functionalized on Self-Assembled Rosette Nanotubes


Discrete nanoscale tubular architectures have received significant attention during the past decade because of their potential role in electronic and photonic devices, sensors, liquid crystals, artificial channel systems and biomedical engineering [1-2]. Our research group has reported the synthesis and characterization of the bicyclic G∧C motif, a self complementary DNA base analogue, which undergoes hierarchical self-assembly to form Rosette Nanotubes (RNTs) [3]. The stability of this system depends however, on functional group density (sterics) and net charge (electrostatics) on the RNT surface [5c]. To this end, we have synthesized several G∧C modules bearing oligopeptides with different lengths and net charge and investigated their self-assembling properties.

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