Application of liquid desiccant for enhanced lifetime of active matrix organic light emitting diodes


To enhance the lifetime of large-sized active matrix organic light emitting diodes (AMOLEDs), we developed a liquid desiccant for encapsulation. The liquid desiccant was prepared by mixing nano-sized calcium oxide (CaO) powders and silicone binder including polyalkylalkenylsiloxane, polyalkylhydrogensiloxane and platinum compound. It was confirmed that liquid desiccant had an effect on absorption of penetrated moisture and oxygen through calcium tests. Also, the test cells encapsulated with only epoxy sealant dispensed at the edge of the cell developed dark spots within 100 hrs, which grew larger with time at 85 oC and 85 % R.H. On the other hand, the test cell sealed with epoxy sealant and liquid desiccant showed no dark spots and retained 97% of its initial luminance even after being stored for 800 hrs at 85 oC and 85 % R.H. Furthermore, the accelerating storage lifetimes of 31-inch bottom-emitting AMOLEDs with epoxy sealant and liquid desiccant showed about 1000 hrs. These results suggest that the liquid desiccant can be applied to encapsulation of large-sized AMOLEDs.

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