Functionalization and Environmental Stabilization of ZnO Nanobridge Sensors Fabricated using Carbonized Photoresist


ZnO nanobridge sensors were selectively grown and electrically connected using lithographically patterned carbonized photoresist (C-PR). As ZnO is known to dissolve in deionized (DI) water, parylene-A was investigated as a moisture barrier and potential functionalization platform. A chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process for parylene-A was developed and it was demonstrated that parylene-A coated ZnO NWs do not show any signs of dissolution after 24 hours in an aqueous solution. The impact of the parylene-A coating on the electrical performance and sensitivity of ZnO nanobridge devices was investigated. A comparison of UV, O2, and H2O sensitivity between uncoated and coated devices revealed that a thin coating of parylene-A attenuated all of these responses, suggesting the ability to modulate environmental sensitivity using this non-covalently bound polymer passivation layer.

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