Tailoring the Crystallographic Texture and Electrical Properties of Inkjet-printed Interconnects for Use in Microelectronics


In this paper, silver nanoparticles with a mean diameter of 40 nm are studied for future applications in microelectronic devices. The enhanced diffusivity of nanoparticles is exploited to fabricate electrical interconnects at low temperature. Sintering condition has been tuned to tailor the grain size so that electrical resistivity can be lowered down to 3.4 μOhm∙cm. In this study, a {111}-textured gold thin film has been used to increase diffusion routes. The combined effects of the substrate crystalline orientation and the sintering condition have been demonstrated to have a significant impact on microstructures. In particular, a {111} fiber texture is developed above 300°C in printed silver only if the underlying film exhibits a preferential orientation. This condition appeared as essential for the efficiency of the gold wire-bonding process step. Thus, inkjet-printed interconnects show a prospective potential compared to conventional subtractive technique and offers new opportunities for low cost metallization in electronics packaging.

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