Large-Scale Manufacturing of Nanoscale Multilayered Hard Coatings Deposited by Cathodic Arc/Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering


Nanoscale multilayered (superlattice) hard coatings can be manufactured in a plastic hardness range (HP) between 25 GPa and 55 GPa by a combination of cathodic arc evaporation and unbalanced magnetron sputtering (arc bond sputter technology). Using large-scale industrial physical vapor deposition (PVD) equipment and a sufficiently high pumping speed, multilayered coatings can be deposited by simultaneously operating cathodes without special shutter and shielding facilities in a common reactive-gas atmosphere. The efficiency of the process is in many cases identical to that of TiN and CrN.Temperature-resistant, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant coatings of various compositions have been produced under industrial conditions. So far, the main applications concentrate on metal-forming and on cutting die steel, Inconel, stainless steel, and titanium. Applications have also been found in the chemical, textile, medical, and automotive industries.

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  • anticorrosion properties
  • cathodic arc/unbalanced magnetron (CA/UBM) sputtering
  • friction reduction
  • nanoscale multilayers
  • physical vapor deposition (PVD)
  • superhard coating materials
  • superlattices
  • wear resistance