Surface modification of L605 by oxygen plasma immersion ion implantation for biomedical applications


Co-Cr alloys, more specifically L605, have superior mechanical properties and high-corrosion resistance, making them suitable materials for cardiovascular application. However, metallic materials for biomedical applications require finely tuned surface properties to improve the material behavior in a physiological environment. Oxygen plasma immersion ion implantation was performed on an L605 alloy, after an electropolishing pre-treatment. The oxidized layer was found to be rich in Co and O, it did not show any trace of Cr, and resulted in nanostructured. The corrosion properties were profoundly changed. Endothelial cells showed high viability after 7 days of contact with some modified surfaces.

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This work was partially funded by NSERC-Canada, FRQ-NT-Quebec, and CFI-Canada. VMM was awarded a doctoral scholarship from Conacyt—National Council of Science and Technology, Mexico. LMA was awarded an undergraduate scholarship from CNPq—CAPES Foundation and Ministry of Education of Brazil. CP and DM were recipients of the Linkage Grant from Quebec/Italy sub-commission of the Quebec Ministry of Intl Relations.

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