Epitaxial entropy-stabilized oxides: growth of chemically diverse phases via kinetic bombardment


This paper explores thin films of the entropy-stabilized oxide (ESO) composition MgxNixCoxCuxZnxScxO (x~ 0.167) grown by laser ablation in incremental gas pressures and O2/Ar ratios to modulate particle kinetic energy and plume reactivity. Low pressures supporting high kinetic energy adatoms favor the kinetic stabilization of a single rocksalt phase, while high pressures (low kinetic energy adatoms) result in phase separation. The pressure threshold for phase separation is a function of O2/Ar ratio. These findings suggest large kinetic energies facilitate the assembly and quench of metastable ESO phases that may require immoderate physical or chemical conditions to synthesize using near-equilibrium techniques.

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The authors acknowledge support from NSF Ceramics, award 1610844.

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