Erratum — Determination of the true projected contact area by in situ indentation testing

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Dr. Laetitia Phillippe’s name was misspelled. The misspelling has since been corrected.

In the abstract, the fourth sentence should have read: “The in situ projected contact area measured by Scanning Electron Microscopy using a cube-corner tip differs significantly from the classical models for materials with low H/E modulus ratio.” The abstract has since been corrected.

The label in Figure 8(b) has been corrected and appears below.


On page 2861, first column, the reference citation for sentence “Finally, let us note that numerical simulations were also used to estimate the true projected contact area” should be “[12, 13, 26]”.

On page 2866, second column, the sentence beginning “The projected contact area at maximum load…” should refer to the section “Method to calculate the in situ contact area”.

Reference 10 is incomplete. The complete reference 10 is:

J.L. Loubet, J.M. Georges, and G. Meille: Vickers indentation curves of elastoplastic materials. In Microindentation Techniques in Materials Science and Engineering, American Society for Testing Materials, P. Blau and B. Lawn, eds. (West Conshohocken, PA: ASTM International, 1986); pp. 72–89.

Reference 14 is incomplete. The complete reference 14 is:

J.L. Loubet, M. Bauer, A. Tonck, S. Bec, and B. Gauthier- Manuel: Nano-indentation with a surface force apparatus. NATO Adv. Study Inst. Ser., Ser. E429, 429–447 (1993).

Reference 16 is incomplete. The complete reference 16 is:

G. Guillonneau: Nouvelles Techniques de Nano-Indentation Pour Des Conditions Expérimentales Difficiles: Très Faibles Enfoncements, Surfaces Rugueuses, Température. PhD. thesis, Ecully, Ecole centrale de Lyon, 2012.

Reference 25 should not have been included. In-text citations to reference 25 should be to reference 12.

The publisher apologizes for these errors.


  1. 1.

    G. Guillonneau, J.M. Wheeler, J. Wehrs, L. Philippe, P. Baral, H.W. Höppel, M. Göken, and J. Michler: Determination of the true projected contact area by in situ indentation testing. J. Mater. Res. 34, 2859 (2019).

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