Enthalpy increments and redox thermodynamics of SrFeO3−δ


Enthalpy increments, \(\Delta _{298}^T{H^0}\), for highly nonstoichiometric SrFeO3−δ (δ = 0.18–0.41) were obtained between 373 and 1273 K in air using drop calorimetry. The analysis of the \(\Delta _{298}^T{H^0}\left(T \right)\) dependence at lower temperatures allowed evaluating the enthalpy of tetragonal to cubic \({{I4}/{mmm}} \rightarrow Pm\bar{3}m\) phase transition at 560 K, 1.57 kJ/mol, and the Maier–Kelley function for \(\Delta _{298}^T{H^0}\left(T \right)\) of tetragonal SrFeO3−δ (space group I4/mmm). Combined investigation of oxygen nonstoichiometry δ(T) dependence, measured by thermogravimetry, and higher-temperature \(\Delta _{298}^T{H^0}\left(T \right)\) of cubic SrFeO3−δ (space group \(Pm\bar{3}m\)) yielded the temperature-dependent reduction (oxygen release) enthalpy, \(\Delta H_{{\rm{red}}}^{\rm{0}}\). Calorimetrically-determined \(\Delta H_{{\rm{red}}}^{\rm{0}}\) of SrFeO3−δ increases from 65 ± 7 kJ/mol O at 873–973 K to 84 ± 7 kJ/mol O at 1073–1273 K, which may indicate that the short-range vacancy ordering in SrFeO3−δ is hampered at higher temperatures.

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Authors are grateful for financial support to Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR grant No. 18-33-20243\18) and to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation (State Task No. 4.2288.2017/PCh).

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