Hot deformation behavior of the high-entropy alloy CoCuFeMnNi


In the present study, hot deformation behavior of a FCC high-entropy alloy CoCuFeMnNi has been investigated to explore the stress—strain response for a wide range of temperatures and strain rates. The deformation response has been examined by plotting a processing map and examining the evolution of microstructure and texture in each of the temperature—strain rate domain. Hot compression tests were carried out in the temperature range 850–1050 °C at strain rates varying from 0.001 s−1 to 10 s−1. Stress—strain curves indicate characteristic softening behavior due to dynamic recrystallization (DRX). DRX has been observed along grain boundaries, shear bands, as well as in the interior of deformed grains. The size of dynamically recrystallized grains shows a strong dependence on deformation temperature and increases with temperature. A high degree of twin formation takes place in the DRX grains evolved inside the shear bands, and the extent of twinning decreases at high temperatures. The optimal processing window has been estimated based on strain rate sensitivity and has been validated with detailed analyses of microstructure and texture. The best region for thermo-mechanical processing has been identified as in the temperature range 850–950 °C at strain rate 10−1 s−1.

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This work was carried out as a part of project funded by Indo-Australian grant (AISRF), Grant No. DST/INT/AUS/P-72/2017. The authors acknowledge Advanced Facility for Microscopy and Microanalysis at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, for providing the required research facilities and are also thankful to Mr. S. Sashidhara and Mr. Kantaraj for their assistance in conducting the deformation experiments.

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