Mechanical characterization of B4C reinforced aluminum matrix composites produced by squeeze casting


Boron carbide (B4C) ceramic particles were used as reinforcement material to produce aluminum (Al) matrix composites by squeeze casting method. Four different B4C contents as 0, 3, 5, and 10 wt%, and three different squeeze pressures as 0, 75, and 150 MPa were used in which the samples consisted of pure Al without B4C and the samples obtained without applying pressure were used as control samples. To determine the effect of squeezing pressure and the amount of B4C added on machinability and mechanical properties, average chip length and surface roughness of the samples were evaluated and hardness measurements were accomplished, yield and ultimate tensile strengths were determined, respectively. Also, the changes in density and microstructure were investigated. B4C reinforcement was found to decrease the average chip length and density of the samples while increasing the hardness and surface roughness. On the other hand, application of squeeze pressure had a positive effect on the densification and mechanical properties of the samples.

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The authors would like to thank to Mehdi Montakhab, Mustafa Sengor, and Fatih Oz for their assistance in the preparation of the squeeze casting setup.

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