Effect of carbon nanotube content and double-pressing double-sintering method on the tensile strength and bending strength behavior of carbon nanotube-reinforced aluminum composites


In this research work, planetary ball mill has been used to disperse carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in Al powders. Al-CNT nanocomposite samples have been produced using double pressing double sintering (DPDS) method. The effects of CNTs weight percent and secondary pressing and sintering on the hardness, tensile, and bending strength of Al-CNTs nanocomposites were investigated. Enhancements of about 98% in hardness, 40% in tensile strength, and 20% in bending strength of Al-CNTs nanocomposites were observed as compared with pure Al samples. Using DPDS technique increments of 2.4–16.14% in density has been obtained as compared with the nanocomposites produced by conventional sintering method. The composites were studied by scanning electron microscope and differential thermal analysis. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) was used to identify various phases if present in Al-CNTs nanocomposites.

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Authors would like to acknowledge Ahmad Yarahmadi for his too much help during characterizations of samples, and Imam Khomeini International University labs for providing the research facilities.

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