Effect of deposition time on wear and corrosion performance of Co–Ni–Fe alloy coated mild steel


Wear and corrosion exist as one of the main important factor of energy and material losses in mechanical and chemical process. Coating is classified as one of the ways to enhance energy, chemical, and mechanical durability. Several previous investigations reported that addition of nanoparticle as an additive will enhance the characteristic of surface roughness and wear properties. The objective of this study is to investigate the wear, surface roughness, and corrosion resistance of Co–Ni–Fe nanoparticles electrodeposited on mild steel. The effect of deposition time toward physical properties (composition, surface morphology, and surface roughness), hardness, corrosion, and slurry wear erosion properties of coated mild steel were investigated. The finding showed that the increase of the deposition time led to an increment of hardness and coating thickness. The optimum Co–Ni–Fe nanoparticles deposited at 30 min produced a uniform coating and microhardness of 277.42 HV. Besides, the cumulative coating mass loss obtained from 30 min deposited coating sample was the lowest at both rotational speeds of 300 and 1200 rpm. It was observed that the optimum deposition time improved the surface roughness, coating morphology, hardness and resistance toward slurry erosion and corrosion.

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The authors would like to thank Research Management Institute (RMI) UiTM and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia for financial supports. The research was conducted at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia under support Grant 600-RMI/ERGS 5/3 (24/2013).

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