An improved kinetics model to describe dynamic recrystallization behavior under inconstant deformation conditions


The classical dynamic recrystallization (DRX) kinetics models, such as Avrami equation, are often used to describe the DRX behaviors of alloys. However, it is found that the classical DRX kinetics models cannot be directly applied to evaluate DRX volume fractions under inconstant deformation conditions, such as at fluctuant deformation temperature and strain rate. It obviously limits their application in the practical industrial production. Therefore, an improved DRX kinetics model is proposed based on the hypothesis that the derivatives of DRX volume fraction with respect to strain only depends on the current deformation temperature, strain rate, and DRX volume fraction. To verify the improved DRX kinetics model, the hot compressive tests in which the strain rate is inconstant are carried out on a solution-treated Ni-based superalloy. Experimental results indicate that the improved DRX kinetics model can well predict the DRX behavior under inconstant deformation conditions.

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This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 51305466, 51375502), National Key Basic Research Program (Grant No. 2013CB035801), State key laboratory of High Performance Complex Manufacturing (No. zzyjkt2014-01), the Project of Innovation-driven Plan in Central South University (Grant No. 2016CX008), the Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of Hunan Province (Grant No. 2016JJ1017), and Program of Chang Jiang Scholars of Ministry of Education (Grant No. Q2015140), China.

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