Structural transformations in highly oriented seven modulated martensite Ni–Mn–Ga thin films on an Al2O3 \(\left({11\bar 20} \right)\) substrate


Highly oriented Ni–Mn–Ga thin film with multiple variants and room temperature orthorhombic martensite structure were prepared on a single crystalline Al2O3 \(\left({11\bar 20} \right)\) substrate by DC magnetron sputtering. X-ray diffraction and rocking curve measurements reveal the film as (202)7M oriented with an excellent crystal quality (Δω = 1.8°). Spot-like pole figures indicate that the Ni–Mn–Ga film grows with a strong in-plane preferred orientation. An in-depth analysis of the measured pole figure reveals the presence of a retained austenite phase in the film. Two phase transformations, MS ∼345 K and TC ∼385 K, are observed and are attributed to first order structural transformation from cubic to orthorhombic, and second order phase transformation from ferromagnetic to paramagnetic, respectively. In situ high temperature x-ray diffraction measurements provide a clear indication of a thermally-induced martensite ↔ austenite reversible structural phase transformation in the film. The presence of martensite plates with seven modulated orthorhombic structure and adaptive nano-twins are some of the important microscopic features observed in the film with transmission electron microscopy investigations.

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This work was sponsored by Department of Information Technology (DietY), MCIT, Govt. of India. We acknowledge Dr. S.V Kamat and Dr. Manivel Raja (Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad, India) for providing sputtering target for the present work. The characterization of as deposited films were carried out at Micro and Nano Characterization Facility at Center for Nano Science and Engineering and AFMM, Indian Institute of Science. The author is also thankful to Prof. Rajeev Ranjan for allowing to use the X-ray facility for this work.

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