Effect of carbon content in TiCxN1−x coating on the adhesivity of carbide cutting tools and machining performance


Titanium carbonitride (TiCN) is a popular hard coating for carbide cutting tools in various applications. This paper studied the influence of the carbon content and coating composition within TiCxN1−x coatings with regard to their adhesive strength on tungsten carbide substrate and subsequently, the performance of cutting tool in the dry turning of stainless steel. Among all the TiCxN1−x coatings, the TiCN coating has exhibited the highest adhesivity onto a substrate, followed by a TiC coating and lastly, a TiN coating. It was found that the adhesive strength of TiCN coating increased with the carbon content. The C/N ratio or C–N bond is a vital contributor to the adhesivity of the TiCxN1−x coating rather than the C or N atoms in the TiCxN1−x coating. It was found that the coating was delaminated before the exposure of substrate material. Hence, coating with higher adhesivity will promote longer tool life.

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Part of this paper was originally accepted for and presented at the MITC 2015. The authors would like to thank the government of Malaysia, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and Advanced Materials Research Center, SIRIM Berhad, for their support in terms of finances, manpower, and facilities.

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