Magnesium nanocomposite: Effect of melt dispersion of different oxides nano particles


Magnesium based nanocomposites containing 0.66 vol% of different types of oxide (i.e., Al2O3, Y2O3, and ZrO2) nano particles. The nano oxide particles were dispersed using melt processing. Microstructural characterization reveled that Y2O3 and ZrO2 nano particles were relatively better magnesium matrix grain refiner compared to nano-size Al2O3 particles. Mechanical characterization revealed that the oxides used in this study as reinforcement have strong strengthening effect on the magnesium matrix, where Y2O3 particles were most effective and Al2O3 particles were least effective. Ductility and resistance to fracture of magnesium was significantly improved by Al2O3 nano particles, unaffected by Y2O3 nano particles, and adversely affected by ZrO2 nano particles.

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