Kinetically stable glassy phase formation in neodymium nickelate thin films as evidenced by Hall effect and electrical resistivity measurements


In this study, we are reporting the time- and temperature-dependence of the electrical resistivity and temperature-dependence of the Hall voltage in neodymium nickelate thin films. The films were deposited on a lanthanum aluminate substrate [LaAlO3 (001)] by a pulsed laser deposition technique, with thicknesses ranging from 0.6 to 120 nm. Time-dependent electrical transport measurements indicated the formation of a kinetically stable metallic glassy phase rather than a stable insulating phase on cooling below the transition temperature, TM-I. Comparisons of the low-temperature behavior with that of common insulators further supported this claim. Hall effect measurements on the 1.2-nm sample showed a local maximum in the carrier concentration just below the TM-I on both the heating and cooling cycles. This again confirmed the proposed low-temperature structure, in that, for the 1.2-nm sample, there was a minimal degree of supercooling before transitioning to a kinetically stable glassy phase.

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