New ferroelectric: Bis-thiourea pyridinium bromide inclusion compound


Dielectric measurements (permittivity and hysteresis loop) of monocrystals of bis-thiourea pyridinium bromide inclusion compound have revealed for the first time ferroelectric properties of the studied samples. In the present article, a model of ferroelectric ordering on the basis of single-crystal x-ray diffraction data is described. In the low-temperature phase, the spontaneous polarization is directed along the a axis and ferroelectricity is of the mixed type (displacement and order-disorder component), whereas in the intermediate phase the spontaneous polarization is directed along the c axis and ferroelectricity is of the order-disorder type.

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This work has been partially financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland, Grant No. 202 032937, and supported by Rennes Region Bretagne (CREATE Ultimate 4146).

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