The spectroscopic investigation of ZnWO4: Yb3+ single crystal


The good quality single crystal ZnWO4:Yb3+ was grown by Czochralski method and the spectra were measured. The fluorescence lifetime at 1017 nm was measured to be 644 μs and the radiative lifetime was 209 μs. The laser parameters, βminIsat as well as Imin have been calculated to be 4.6%, 14.4 Kw/cm2, 0.66 Kw/cm2, respectively. The Stark-level components of the 2F7/2 and 2F5/2 were also determined. End-pumping crystal ZnWO4:Yb3+ with 975 nm laser diode, we investigated the laser output property. The highest output power at wavelength 1017 nm was obtained to be 0.5 W, corresponding to the pumping power of 10 W and the threshold was about 2 W.

PACS: 71.20.Eh; 78.20.-e; 65.60. +a, 42.55.Xi, 42.55.Ye, 42.60.Gd.

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This project was supported by Major Projects from FJIRSM (SZD08001-2 and SZD09001), National Nature Science Foundation of China (No. 50902129) and Fund of Research Center of Laser Technology Integration and Application Engineering Technology of Haixi Industrial Technology Research Institute (2009H2009), Fujian Jiangxia University generally project (2011B025).

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