Magnetic characterization of polyvinyl alcohol ferrogels and films


This study elucidates the tunability of the magnetic properties of cobalt spinel ferrites embedded in a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) hydrogel by changing the structure of the polymer network. We report on the preparation and characterization of sPS-CoFe2O4 ferrofluid and PVA/sulfonated polystyrene (sPS)-CoFe2O4 ferrogels obtained by submitting the samples to a different number of freezing–thawing (F–T) cycles. The magnetic properties were evaluated and interpreted as a function of the PVA/sPS-CoFe2O4 composition and final structure of the ferrogels.

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The authors are grateful to the CICYT(MAT 2002-2978 and MAT 2005-1179) for financial support. This work has been performed in the frame of NoE Nanofun-Poly EU contract No. NMP3-CT-2004-500361. The authors thank Prof. R. Turcu for fruitful discussions.

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