Low-temperature polymer precursor-based synthesis of nanocrystalline particles of lanthanum calcium manganese oxide (La0.67Ca0.33MnO3) with enhanced ferromagnetic transition temperature


We report a simple modified polymeric precursor route for the synthesis of highly crystalline and homogenous nanoparticles of lanthanum calcium manganese oxide (LCMO). The LCMO phase formation was studied by thermal analysis, x-ray powder diffraction, and infrared spectroscopy at different stages of heating. These nanocrystallites (average particle size of 30 nm) possess ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transition temperature (Tc) of 300 K, nearly 50 K higher than that of a single crystal. The Rietveld analysis of the powder x-ray diffraction data of the nanopowders reveals significant lattice contraction and reduction in unit cell anisotropy-these structural changes are correlated to the enhancement in Tc.

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