Electrochemical deposition and characterization of Fe3O4 films produced by the reduction of Fe(III)-triethanolamine


In this paper, we demonstrate that films of magnetite, Fe3O4, can be deposited by the electrochemical reduction of a Fe(III)-triethanolamine complex in aqueous alkaline solution. The films were deposited with a columnar microstructure and a [100] preferred orientation on stainless steel substrates. In-plane electrical transport and magnetoresistance measurements were performed on the films after they were stripped off onto glass substrates. The resistance of the films was dependent on the oxygen partial pressure. We attribute the increase in resistance in O2 and the decrease in resistance in Ar to the oxidation and reduction of grain boundaries. The decrease in resistance in an Ar atmosphere exhibited first-order kinetics, with an activation energy of 0.2 eV. The temperature dependence of the resistance showed a linear dependence of log(R) versus T−1/2, consistent with tunneling across resistive grain boundaries. A room-temperature magnetoresistance of −6.5% was observed at a magnetic field of 9 T.

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