Characterisation Of Quantum Wells By Auger Analysis On Chemical Bevels


In recent papers, we have described a depth profiling method using chemical beveling and Auger line scan measurement, quick and easy to perform, with a sufficient resolution to check the abruptness of chemical interfaces obtained in epitaxial growth of III-V compounds.

The variation law of chemical species concentrations at the interfaces is tighly related to the mecanisms of initial growth. We present here a theoretical analysis applied to chemically beveled interfaces with sharply graded concentrations.

We show on two examples of LP-MOCVD quantum wells (InP/GaInAs/InP and GaInP/GaAs/GaInP) the good agreement between experimental and theoretical curves, assuming exponentially varying concentrations. Finally, we discuss the correlations with the dynamics of the first steps of the LP-MOCVD growth.

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