Formation of Epitaxial NiSi2 and CoSi2 On Laterally Confined (111)Si


Epitaxial NiSi2 of single orientation was grown on laterally confined (111)Si. Striking oxide opening size effects on the growth of NiSi2 epitaxy were observed. The formation temperature of NiSi2 on (111)Si was found to be as low as 550°C inside oxide openings 1.8 μm or smaller in size. Epitaxial NiSi2 of single orientation which is identical to that of (111)Si substrate was formed inside oxide openings of or smaller than 1.8, 1, and 0.8 μm in size in samples annealed at 550-750, 800, and 850-900°C, respectively. Preliminary results on the epitaxial growth of CoSi2 are also reported.

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