Plasma-Assisted Epitaxial Growth of Compound Semiconductors for Infrared Application


GaSb, InSb and InAs epitaxial layers with mirror surface were grown on GaSb, GaAs, InP, Si and sapphire substrates at relatively low temperatures by plasma-assisted epitaxy (PAE) in hydrogen plasma. Carrier concentrations and Hall mobilities of undoped PAE layers at room temperature are p=6×O16 cm−3; μp=750cm2/Vs, n=1×1016cm−3; μn=39,000cm2/Vs and n=7×1017 cm−3; μn=21,000cm2/Vs for GaSb on GaAs, InSb on GaAs and InAs on InP, respectively. As the first application of PAE layers to optoelectronic devices, p-GaSb/n-GaAs heterojunction photodiodes have been demonstrated to result in remarkable reduction of dark current with photoresponse in the wavelength region between 0.85 and 1.7μm for the light incident from GaAs.

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