On the Auger Recombination Process in P-Type Lpe HgCdTe


Minority carrier lifetime measurements at 77K were carried out in ptype liquid phase epitaxial (LPE) Hg 1-xCdx Te/CdTe (x = 0.22) using the photoconductive decay technique. Lifetimes of 20 to 7000 ns were obtained in samples with hole concentrations, p, in the range 1014 to 1016 cm-3. The hole concentrations were determineg by analyzing the Hall data using a double-layer model. It was found that the minority carrier lifetime is inversely proportional to p0 1.86. This result demonstrates that the Auger mechanism may be the dominant recombination process in p-type LPE Hg0.78 Cd0.22Te/CdTe. The temperature dependence of minority carrier lifetime was also measured between 10 and 200K for several samples.

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