Infrared Reflectance Characterization of a GaAs-AlAs Superlattice


The optical properties of a GaAs-AlAs superlattice have been examined using the non-destructive technique of infrared reflectance spectroscopy. Through this technique, the absorption edge, the effective superlattice refractive index, the thickness, and the optical grading of the superlattice-substrate were determined. Location of the absorption edge was made from the reflectance spectrum and showed general agreement with photoluminescence measurements. A more detailed analysis of the infrared spectra indicated the presence of a transition region between the substrate and the superlattice. Based on a non-linear least squares method for fitting the experimental data, a dispersion relation for the dielectric function was obtained. This dielectric function yielded a value for the superlattice refractive index that was lower than that of the corresponding, homogeneous, AlGaAs alloy film for wavelengths between 1.0 and 2.5 micrometers.

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