A Study of the Coalescence Process Inside the Miscibility Gap in Zn-Bi Alloys


The coalescence process has been studied in four different hyper-monotectic Zn-Bi alloys with 4–10wt % Bi. The alloys have been studied by isothermal treatments at a temperature just above the monotectic temperature and at different holding times. The alloys have been studied both at microgravity and at normal gravity. The change of the particle distribution as a function of composition and holding time has been investigated. The changing of the particle distribution has been compared with the theory of particle collision. The validity of the collision theory is investigated with respect to the theory of liquid phase sintering.

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Many thanks to Mr. R. West for valuable help with the numerical calculations. We are also very grateful to Mr. R. Jonsson, Mr. P. Holm and Mr. M. Sjoqvist at The Swedish Space Corporation for indispensable assistance in the preparation of the space experiments. This work was sponsored by The Swedish Board for Space Activities.

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