Directional Solidification of Alloys in Systems Containing a Liquid Miscibility Gap


The problem considered is the unidirectional growth of alloys close to monotectic composition and within the miscibility gap when the direction of gravity is down the temperature gradient (solidification upwards) or up the temperature gradient (solidification downwards). The systems Al-In and Al-Bi are taken as examples. With solidification upwards it is shown that bulk liquid composition adjusts to that of the monotectic while in the reverse situation, the bulk liquid gradually rises. In the former case it is possible to grow aligned fibrous structures of monotectic composition but in the latter the microstructures are irregular and globular.

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This work was part of a study of monotectic alloy solidification funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration #NAS8-33727 and the National Science Foundation #DMR-8019596.

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