Solidification of Hypermonotectic Al-In Alloys Under Micro-Gravity Conditions


Four samples of the Al-In system having monotectic and hypermonotectic compositions were solidified under microgravity during the NASA-SPAR IX flight of January 20th, 1981. The experimental thermal and physico-chemical conditions actually achieved have been analysed. Radiographic and metallographic observations of the samples show a non-regular dispersed primary phase inside the monotectic matrix. These observations are commented on the basis of capillarity and solidification aspects.

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The author gratefully acknowledges the support provided by NASA-MARSHALL SPACE FLIGHT CENTER through the Space Processing Application Rocket Program. Particular thanks are due to Messrs R.Ruff, R.Chassay, D.A.Schaefer and B.Alrich for their continuous advice and assistance during the preparation and implementation of the experiment.

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