Directional Solidification and Characterization of Hg1−xCdxTe Alloys


A series of Hg1−xCdxTe alloy crystals was grown by high-temperature-gradient directional solidification at furnace translation rates ranging from 0.068 to 1.12 µm/s. For several ingots, the measured longitudinal compositional profiles were fitted to theoretical profiles to estimate the magnitude of D, the liquid HgTe-CdTe interdiffusion coefficient. The best-fit value of D was about 5.5 × 105 cm2/s. The majority of the ingots showed significant radial compositional variations along the growth axis. These variations are attributed, at least in part, to fluid flows ahead of the growth interface. The results are discussed in terms of the heat transfer characteristics of the alloy/ampule/ furnace system and the effects of these characteristics on the shape and stability of the growth interface in a 1−g environment.

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The authors are grateful to NASA Marshall Space Flight Center for support of this work. Technical discussion with Drs. M. Davidson, J. C. Clayton, D. Gillies, C. J. Summers, and C. R. Whitsett were helpful.

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This work was performed under NASA contract NAS8-33107.

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