Attenuation of Protein Adsorption on Static and Vibrating Magnetic Nanowires


The research described here investigates the hypothesis that nanoarchitecture contained in a nanowire array is capable of attenuating the adverse host response, biofouling, generated when medical devices, such as sensors, are implanted in the body. This adverse host response generates an avascular fibrous mass transfer barrier between the device and the analyte of interest, disabling the sensor. Numerous studies have indicated that surface chemistry and architecture modulated the host response. These findings lead us to hypothesize that nanostructured surfaces will significantly inhibit the formation of an avascular fibrous capsule. We are investigating whether vibrating magnetostrictive nanowires, formed in nanowire arrays, can prevent protein and cell adhesion. Magnetostrictive nanowires are fabricated by electroplating a ferromagnetic metal alloy into the pores of a nanoporous alumina template. The ferromagnetic nanowires are made to vibrate by altering the magnetic field surrounding the wires. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and other protein assays were used to study protein adhesion on the nanowire arrays. These results display a reduced protein adhesion per surface area of static nanowires. The vibrating nanowires show a further reduction in protein adhesion, compared to static wires. Studies were also preformed to investigate the effects of nanoarchitecture have on cell adhesion. These studies were performed with both static and vibrating nanowires. Preliminary protein adhesion studies have shown that a nanowire arrays modulate protein adhesionin vitro.

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