Solidified Fillings of Nanopores


We present a selection of x-ray diffraction patterns of spherical (He, Ar), dumbbell- (N2, CO), and chain-like molecules (n-C9H20, n-C19H40) solidified in nanopores of silica glass (mean pore diameter 7nm). These patterns allow us to demonstrate how key principles governing crystallization have to be adapted in order to accomplish solidification in restricted geometries. 4He, Ar, and the spherical close packed phases of CO and N2 adjust to the pore geometry by introducing a sizeable amount of stacking faults. For the pore solidified, medium-length chainlike n-C19H40 we observe a close packed structure without lamellar ordering, whereas for the short-chain C9H20 the layering principle survives, albeit in a modified fashion compared to the bulk phase.

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