OLED degradation described by using a time-dependent local relaxation model


The main mechanisms responsible for the luminance degradation in OLEDs driven under constant current has not yet been identified. In this paper we propose a new approach to describe the intrinsic mechanisms involved in the OLED aging. We will first show that a stretched exponential decay can be used to fit almost all the luminance vs time curves obtained under different driving conditions. In this way we are able to prove that they can all be described by employing a single free parameter model.

By using as an approach based on local relaxation events, we will demonstrate that a single mechanism is responsible for the dominant aging process. Furthermore, we will demonstrate that the main relaxation event is the annihilation of one emissive center.

We will then use our model to fit all the experimental data measured under different driving condition, and show that by carefully fitting the accelerated luminance lifetime-curves, we can extrapolate the low-luminance lifetime needed for real display applications, with a high degree of accuracy.

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