New Carbon-bridged Hybrid Polymers for Low-k Materials


Reducing interline capacitance and line resistance is required to minimize RC delays, reduce power consumption and crosstalk below 100nm node technology. For this purpose, various inorganic- and organic polymers have been tested to reduce dielectric constants in parallel with the use of copper as metal line. Lowering the dielectric constants, in particular, causes the detrimental effect on mechanical properties, and then leads to film damage and/or delamination during chemical-mechanical planarization CMP) or repeated thermal cure cycles. To overcome this issue, new carbon-bridged hybrid materials synthesized by organometallic silane precursors and sol-gel reaction are proposed.

In this work, we have developed new organic-inorganic hybrid low-k dielectrics with linear or cyclic carbon bridged structures. The differently bridged carbon structures were formed by a controlled reaction. 1H NMR, 29Si NMR analysis and GC/MSD analysis were conducted for the structural characterization of new hybrid low-k dielectric. The mechanical and dielectric properties of these hybrid materials were characterized by using nanoindentation with continuous stiffness measurement and Al dot MIS techniques. The results indicated that these organic-inorganic hybrid materials were very promising polymers for low-k dielectrics that had low dielectric constants with high thermal and mechanical properties. It has been also demonstrated that electrical and mechanical properties of the hybrid films could be tailored by copolymerization with PMSSQ and through the introduction of porogen.

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