Fabrication of One-dimensional Silicon Nano-wires Based on Proximity Effects of Electron-beam Lithography


One-dimensional silicon nanowire structures have been successfully made by using the proximity and accumulation effects of electron-beam (e-beam) lithography. Wire structures are fabricated in a thin poly silicon layer on a silicon substrate with a 400 nm buried SiO2. Measurements of the current-voltage characteristics at various temperatures from 4 K up to 300 K show significant nonlinearities and single-electron effect behavior. The blockade size is significantly affected by thermal effects, oscillations of the blockade, and the conductivity dependence on the gate potential.

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This work was performed under the contract number NSC93-2112-M-492-002 supported by the National Science Council, Republic of China. Technical supports from the members at National Nano Device Laboratories are acknowledged.

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