Low Hydrogen Concentration Silicon Nitride as a Gate Dielectric of TFTs for Flexible Display Application


We have proposed low hydrogen concentration (CH) silicon nitride (SiNX) as a dielectric for flexible display application. The fabrication temperature on plastic substrate is limited below Tg(glass transition temperature, typically 130~180 oC) and it was reported that Ch in thin film is strongly depends on fabrication temperature. As the fabrication temperature is decreasing, hydrogen concentration is increasing. SiNX deposited in ultra low temperature (< 150 oC) has high CH which is porous, low density. Our experimental results using SiH4, He, N2 gas mixture shows that in the SìNx Ch is less than 15 at.%. Breakdown voltage of proposed SìNx dielectric is 5 MV/cm. In the wet etch rate test using a nitride etching solution, He dilution is more dense than NH3 dilution. This process approach is useful for flexible display application.

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