Pore Structure Development in Portland Cement/Fly Ash Blends


Pore structure development in portland cement/fly ash blends was investigated using mercury porosimetry and methanol exchange techniques. The progress of hydration was monitored using compressive strength tests. The specimens were made using four water-cement ratios and were hydrated over a one-year period in lime-saturated water. Mercury porosimetry results indicated that the blended cement pastes generally had higher total porosity than plain cement pastes. The major contribution to this increase in porosity was in the form of smaller pore sizes. With reactive fly ash at 20% replacement, the pore structure of mature paste consists mainly of pores nominally smaller than 0.05 μm in diameter. Diffusion parameters obtained from the methanol exchange results were found to be inversely related to the volume of large pores (nominally >0.05 μm) and also to the volume of small pores (nominally <0.05 μm). The effects of the physical and chemical properties of cements and fly ashes on pore structure development are discussed.

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