Raman Spectroscopy of Graphitic Foams


To better understand the very high thermal conductivity to weight ratio of the graphitic foams recently developed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a Raman spectroscopy study was performed. It was also shown that the Raman scattering can be useful for the characterization of the graphitic foam, being able to evaluate the quality of the samples with respect to the density and location of lattice defects.

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The authors would like to thank Dr. J. Klett from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for providing the samples and for his careful reading of the manuscript. The authors acknowledge support under NSF Grant DMR04-05538 and from an Intel grant. Authors E. B. B. and A. G. S. F. acknowledge financial support from CAPES-Brazil (PRODOC). This work made use of MRSEC Shared Facilities at MIT supported by the National Science Foundation under Award Number DMR-0213282 and NSF Laser Facility grant CHE-011370.

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