Kinetics of Linear Defect Formation in Gallia-Doped Rutile


The diffusion of Ga2O3 into the surface of single crystal [001] rutile leads to the insertion of ß-gallia subunits along {210} planes of the parent rutile structure. These linear defects introduce hexagonally shaped tunnels, approximately 2.5 Å in diameter, normal to the [001] surface. Because these tunnels may serve as highly reactive sites for the attachment of macromolecules, we are exploring the application of these linear defects for creating nanostructures. The current work investigates the kinetics of defect formation and the factors that affect defect periodicity and orientation. Gallium oxide was applied to the surfaces of [001]-oriented TiO2 single-crystal substrates via a sol-gel spin-coating process using a gallium-containing precursor. Thermal treatments were systematically varied to obtain different defect surface structures. Defect orientation and the surface concentration of rows of defects were characterized via tapping mode atomic force microscopy.

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