Optical Property of Vanadium Oxide Nanotube Suspensions


Vanadium oxide nanotube dispersions were investigated in water suspensions and characterized by TEM, absorption spectroscopy and optical limiting testing. The results show that the nanotubes are unrolled and oxidized after 6-day aging, resulting in some change of optical limiting property at the two wavelengths (532 and 1064 nm). The 1.27-eV absorption band is assigned as a superposition of both V d→d and V4+→V5+ charge-transfer excitations, and the features at 2.9 eV are attributed to O 2p→V 3d charge-transfer excitations.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of K.C. Wong Education Foundation, Hong Kong. This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 50172036, 50372046), the Key Project of Chinese Ministry of Education(Grant No. 104207) and the Teaching and Research Award Program for Outstanding Young Professors in Higher Education Institute, MOE, P. R. China. The author L.Q. Mai acknowledges financial support from Open Fund of Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials Science and Engineering (WUT), Ministry of Education (No.SYSJJ2004-08), Science and Research Fund of WUT (No. XJJ2004001) and the Science and Research Setup Fund for the Ph. D. Scholar in WUT.

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