Structure Specificity of Nanocrystalline Praseodymia Doped Ceria


The features of the structure of nanorystalline Ce1-xPrxO2-y system (0 ≤ × ≤ 0.5) prepared via a complex polymerized precursor (Pechini) route have been elucidated by using a combination of spectroscopic (XANES, XPS) and structural (TEM, neutron diffraction) methods. Within the studied range of composition, the structure of all samples air annealed at 500 °C corresponds to single-phase fluorite-like solid solution. The relative content of Pr3+ both in the bulk and in the surface layer appears to be as high as 20–50%. The Rietveld refinement revealed non-monotonous variation of structural parameters (lattice parameter, domain size, microstrain density, Ce-O and O-O distances) and residual lattice hydroxyls concentration with Pr content. Clustering of defects along with variation of the mean Pr cation radius/charge state and disordering of the surface layer/ domain boundaries appear to be responsible for the observed features.

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This work is in part supported by the INTAS 01-2162, ISTC 2529, RFBR 03-03-32340a Projects and Integration Projects 39 and 110 of SB RAS. The DAAD postdoctoral research fellowship to H.B. is also gratefully acknowledged.

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