Synthesis and Properties of [B/C] Layered Compounds


We report synthesis and properties of layered compounds with 2D boron-and-carbon-mixed-atomic-layers which are related to topics of recent high interest. The previous discovery of the first [B/C] graphite intercalation-like compound Sc2B1.1C3.2 and evaluation of reported high temperature ferromagnetism in CaB2C2 are reviewed. MgB2 related [B/C] compounds MgB2C2 and LiBC were synthesized and hole doping carried out in search for superconducting materials with high TC. Superconductivity was not observed for any of the compounds above 1.8 K, but (Mg, Li)B2C2 is demonstrated to be the most promising system, with an insulator to metal transition indicated to be induced.

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