High Throughput Synthesis of Pigments by Solution Deposition


Combinatorial and high throughput methods have been utilised in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. The process involves the simultaneous synthesis of libraries containing thousands of compounds, which can then be screened for desirable properties. More recently the concepts of parallel synthesis and high-throughput screening have emerged as effective strategies in the search for novel inorganic materials. We report the development of high throughput methods, which have been used for the synthesis and preliminary characterisation of ceramic oxide pigments on an alumina substrate. This methodology has been utilised to prepare compounds with the spinel structure in the series Cu1-xZnxAl2-yCryO4 (0≤x≤1, 0≤y≤2) at a range of temperatures. The materials are analysed by rapid sequential X-ray diffraction and a simple colour measurement technique. The optical properties across the quaternary landscape can therefore be mapped as a function of composition, structure and annealing temperature.

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The authors would like to thank the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) for funding. ALH is grateful to the Royal Society for support through a University Research Fellowship.

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