B and P Glass Formers as Stabilizers of Luminescent Ce(III) in Silica-Based Glasses


Ce3+-doped boro, phospho and borophosphosilicate monolithic glasses (BSG, PSG and BPSG) were prepared by sol-gel method. The inclusion of the glass formers P and B in silica lowered the tendency of rare earth (RE) to segregate as CeO2 with respect to pure SiO2 matrix (SG). In PSG and BPSG, Ce3+ co-ordination to P=O groups was responsible for the inhibition of both CeO2 segregation and oxidation of isolated Ce3+ ions to Ce4+. The better ion dispersion in the host matrix and the stabilization of Ce3+ oxidation state improved PSG and BPSG luminescence properties with respect to BSG and SG.

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